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Hawkeye Associates Review Tips to Reinvent Your Future

This is a year of change, a year of new resolutions and possibilities. Early last year, the United States was overwhelmed by a baffling and deadly new virus sweeping across the globe. Now, we have more than a single vaccine to prevent contagion, a vaccine that is immunizing millions throughout the country. 

In addition, the government is pushing for new infrastructure development and job creation, as well as unrolling sweeping financial plans to directly assist the American people with stimulus payments. 

Now would be a good time to catch the wave of good fortune and use the momentum to end your own financial challenges.

Restructure Your Debt Payments 

Paying multiple invoices every month is both overwhelming and time-consuming.

It’s overwhelming because you often struggle to come up with the money to pay your burgeoning monthly bills and because you have to stop buying many of the things that support your health and well-being.

It’s time-consuming because you have to recalibrate your financial situation every time a new bill shows up in the mail. You’re spending hours each month on tedious bookkeeping. 

The best way to simplify your life is to get rid of all your credit card bills by paying them all off. Make your life easier by applying to a lender like Hawkeye Associates for a debt consolidation loan.

Repaying your consolidated loans is a far more effective method of getting rid of your debts than paying each of your credit cards month after month.

For one thing, instead of paying multiple pills throughout the month, you’re only writing a single check. For another, the monthly payments are more affordable because they are based on a lower interest rate than your high-interest credit card bills. It’s also more affordable because your loan is stretched out over a longer span of time so that you don’t have to pay a large sum every month.

When you restructure how you pay your debt by consolidating your bills, you’ll be able to get rid of your debt burden faster.

Control Your Spending 

The best way to control your spending is not willpower but creating a system: using a bullet journal to increase your awareness of where your money goes and a budget to balance cash inflow with outflow. 

The Purpose of a Bullet Journal 

A bullet journal can be used for many organizational purposes, including keeping track of where every penny goes.

All you have to do is write every dollar that you spend to raise your awareness about your consumer habits.

While it’s more convenient to get a smartphone app to itemize your spending, physically writing out what you got and how much you spent in a plain notebook will help you become more aware of your spending habits. 

The Purpose of a Budget 

Although it might seem redundant to also keep a formal budget, either as a spreadsheet or a budget app, the purpose of a budget is to keep track of your finances and tweak your cash flow when you have a change in lifestyle.

Your budget will help you track the relationship between what you earn and how much you spend. It will alert you to when you have spent too much and it will help you appreciate the difference between needs and wants, essential costs and impulse spending.

Spend Less than You Earn

When you get good at spending less than you earn, you’ll notice opportunities to save money. Rather than using any extra money you receive to splurge, put it in a savings account.

First, save enough money to pay for six months of living expenses. Next, saving enough money for buying investments. Finally, start saving for retirement with a retirement account.

Think of Personal Finance as a Life Skill

When you think of personal finance as a skill that you’re trying to learn to improve the quality of your life, then managing your money becomes much more fun. You are making money management into a game rather than something you’re forcing yourself to do. 

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