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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Update Brings Improved Photo Mode And Rewards

Niantic has been hard at work in recent years as the company enjoyed a lot of success with Pokémon Go. Many players have embraced the AR gameplay offered by the title and the opportunity to play an interactive game while traveling from one place to another. The success of the app inspired the developer to release a new title based on the Harry Potter universe. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an excellent AR game that offers a bevy of features and gameplay elements that are enjoyable, making the game a hit among many players.

The wizarding world has been affected by a mysterious calamity that triggered a dangerous phenomenon. Magical artifacts, memories, and people are transported randomly into the Muggle world, and their discovery could lead to unwanted complications. Players are inducted into the Status of Secrecy Task Force and encouraged to work with iconic witches and wizards across the world to recover the lost objects and people while also attempting to track down the source of the calamity.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Update Brings Improvements

When the players roam the world, they can check the Map with a tap. Traces of magic will lead them to the location of Foundables, which trigger beautifully animated encounters that can be enjoyed in advanced 360 degrees AR graphics. A rich arsenal of spells is at your disposal, allowing the opportunity to defeat enemies and recover the valuable Foundables. Inns can be visited to recover lost Spell Energy, collect ingredients from brewing powerful potions and finding Portkeys that can take the player character to some of the most famous locations in the series.

Several players can work together to defeat Wizarding Challenges, which offer powerful enemies that will test their skills and wits. Each specialization comes with unique advantages, and a mixed team will have a real edge. The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite update comes with an enhanced Photo Mode and improved rewards. Bug fixes and performance improvements are also available.



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