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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Update Brings ‘Adventure Sync’ and Other Novelties

Harry Potter is, without a doubt, one of the most popular franchises in the world, with millions of fans. Many people have read or watched at least one of the books in the series, and a large merchandise empire offers the option to acquire a large variety of branded items, from notebooks to teacups. For its part, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite attracts more and more AR games’ fans.

However, one of the significant drawbacks is represented by the lack of quality video game titles inspired by the popular franchise. Except for the Lego entries, many of the titles based on the popular IP offered a bland experience and mediocre gameplay at best.

About Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

When the makers of Pokemon Go announced that they would release a new AR title inspired by the Harry Potter IP, many fans were excited as the previous titles released by Niantic have been a significant hit.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite offers an exciting take on the HP universe, blending excellent AR mechanics with an exciting gameplay experience that makes players feel like a real wizard. Those who decided to enter the fray will be recruited as members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force and have to do their best to prevent Muggles from discovering the magic that seeps into reality after a significant calamity affected the magic world.

As players travel in the real world, a particular map will reveal Traces of magic, which lead to Foundables, magical creatures, memories, or people that have reached our world. These traces will activate spectacular encounters that offer a beautiful advanced augmented reality experience.

To solve the incidents, you will have to cast powerful spells and return the objects to the wizarding world. A keen eye will also offer the chance to collect valuable items that can be used to brew potions or visit Inns where you can rest and restore spent spell energy.

The latest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite brings some novelties

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.9.0 update comes with Adeventure Synch, which allows the app to record walking distance for Portkey Portmanteaus even if it is not open. Users can also sort friends in alphabetical orders and highlight those who sent unopened gifts.

The official release notes read the following:

  • Adventure Sync – Coming soon, Adventure Sync in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! When you choose to enable this feature, your distance walked will now be recorded for Portkey Portmanteaus, even if the app is not open.
  • Friends & Gifting – You can now sort your friends alphabetically in ascending/descending order or sort friends that have sent you an unopened Gift

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite 2.9.0 is already available on the Google Play Store.



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