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Half-Life Black Mesa 1.0 To Launch On Steam In March

Black Mesa, the first-person shooter video game, is going to be available on Steam very soon! Black Mesa is an ambitious project undertaken by fans to update the classic Half-Life game. The re-creation of the Half-Life game will go live as version 1.0 on March 5, therefore exiting Early Access. Developers have been working on the Black Mesa project for a very long time, for 14 years to be more specific.

But now, with the soon release of the game, their work is going to be paid off. This game is made possible by its dedicated fan base forming indie development studio Crowbar Collective.

The more modern version of the Half-Life game will come out with more advanced graphics as well as musical composition and voice performing. But for now, you can still enjoy playing the Black Mesa game in its Early Access build on Stream. You can choose to play a single-player campaign or multiplayer.

More details on Black Mesa 1.0 of Half-Life

Crowbar Collective also released a beta version of the game at the beginning of February, but the real deal will be out soon enough.

“Through luck, hard work, and maybe a bit of ignorance, we didn’t shy away from our goal of bringing this game to completion. We are proud of what we built. We think this upcoming 1.0 release is the best, most polished, and most fun version of the game yet. The anticipation and excitement around our project are beyond flattering,” said Black Mesa’s project lead, Adam Engels.

The price for the Black Mesa game on Steam is £14.99, which means almost $20. And as for the future with patches and bug fixes, the Crowbar Collective company will continue to support the game. Engels’ words make us feel the excitement that the game will bring, and we cannot wait to test it ourselves.



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