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GTA VI and Bully II: New Leaks Claiming Rockstar Has Revealed Precious Info

Most gamers are eagerly waiting for official news about the next Grand Theft Auto since it’s one of the most famous and successful game series of all time. The last title, GTA V, which has been released about six years ago, didn’t manage to satisfy all of the fans. Therefore, a lot of improvements are expected for GTA VI and rumors kept coming out in recent years for the highly expected game, but not from official sources.

On the other side, Bully 2 is also currently under development by Rockstar Games and the situation is very similar to the one of GTA VI – there were rumors about the sequel, but nothing official. …until now.

A Reddit user claims to have inside info from Rockstar

A Rockstar India employee may have provided precious info about the two games, according to a user of Reddit. Rockstar India is part of the overall Rockstar development team, so the source may be reliable. According to the source, the conceptual development for GTA 6 may have started in the same year when the last GTA game was released: 2013. As for Bully 2, there are two versions currently under development: one for PS4 and Xbox One, and another for PC.

GTA will return to Vice City

Any die-hard fan of GTA knows about the highly successful game GTA: Vice City, which was released almost two decades ago. The story for GTA 6 may unfold in the same location, according to the Reddit user. Also, the future map will be bigger than the one of GTA V and it will have swamps, small islands, and a bigger island that is far away from the main island.

Another important aspect in the future GTA game is that weather will play a big role. Your character could get hit by lightning or get into a hurricane, and his house may be flooded.

Bully 2 is more dependant on Rockstar India

The first Bully game was released 13 years ago, and the sequel will be more of the Indian Rockstar’s job. It will have raytracing option, which will be kind of a test for GTA 6, according to the leaker. Most fans of the game lost hope ever to see a sequel, but the Reddit user assures them that Bully 2 is currently under development.

Valuable information had been shared by the Reddit user, but only time will tell how much truth they contain.



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