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GTA V: Don’t Miss These New Vehicle Discounts

GTA V never seems to get old, despite the insane fuss regarding rumors and speculations for the highly-anticipated GTA 6. The developers from Rockstar are constantly providing new updates for GTA V, especially for the online mode. A new set of vehicle discounts became available in GTA Online, and you are free to take advantage of them if you own a legal copy of the insanely-popular open-world game.

Vehicles presented here are usually 40% off their usual price, and you can purchase them from different locations. Let’s get right into it:

Coil Rocket Voltic

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There’s a very sound reason we don’t strap space shuttle parts onto sports cars. But no one in the boardroom at Coil knew what that reason was, so here we are. Once you hit the button you’re more likely to get into orbit than stay on the road, and no one has yet survived either outcome to tell us if it was worth it. Probably was though.
Note, the production model of this vehicle has a longer recharge time on uses of the rocket burst.”

This vehicle is available from Warstock Cache & Carry, and its discounted price is GTA$2,298,240 / GTA$1,728,000 trade.


If you’re willing to take a plane along with up to 9 friends, this beauty is the real deal for the job. Titan is a turboprop military transport plane packed with four engines, and you can purchase it from Elitas Travel for GTA$1,200,000.

Pegassi Infernus

We’ve seen Niko Bellic driving this hell of a vehicle in GTA 4, and we’re glad to see it again among the streets of Los Santos in GTA 5. Pegassi Infernus is up for grabs from Legendary Motorsport for the discounted price of GTA$264,000.

Ocelot Stromberg

This beautiful amphibious vehicle can switch to submarine mode, so there’s no wonder why it costs GTA$2,229,745 / GTA$1,676,500 trade. Although the rest of the vehicles presented in this article are 40% off, Ocelot Stromberg has a discount of 30%. You can buy this beauty from Warstock Cache & Carry.

GTA V (including GTA Online) will also become available for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S as an enhanced version.



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