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GTA Online: New Update Brings Money Rewards and Discounts

Getting Michael, Trevor, or Franklin to gain success in a world of crime and depravity can still be an extremely fun journey. GTA 5 might never get obsolete, as the online version (aka GTA Online) is constantly receiving updates from the developers. We’re talking about the most successful video game ever, a truly iconic open-world RPG.

Rockstar issues another weekly update for GTA Online, as it brings money rewards, discounts, and more for the players. But let’s see a more detailed list below:

Vehicle discounts:

  • 40% Off Tyrant ($1,509,000)
  • 60% Off Zentorno ($290,000)
  • 40% off Hydra ($1,800,000)
  • 760% Off Ardent ($460,000)

3x GTA$ & RP:

  • Keep the Pace Adversary mode

2x GTA$ & RP:

  • Weed Farm Business
  • All Contact Missions

Free Log in unlocks:

  • Bravado Stylized Tee
  • Annis JPN Tee
  • White Graphic Smoking Jacket

An upcoming GTA game is under development

A renowned gaming website claims that Rockstar is planning the release of another GTA title soon. While everybody hopes that the game is none other than GTA 6, there’s no certainty about it. The source didn’t mention an exact title, but chances are great that the upcoming game is the highly anticipated sequel for GTA 5.

But what could we expect from GTA 6? This is one of the most asked questions from the gaming industry. The internet is flooded with information about how the next GTA game might be. The most reliable information is that the location of the sequel shall be the fictional Vice City, which would delight a lot of fans. GTA Vice City was a mind-blowing success back in the old days, and the developers of GTA did return ‘back to the roots’ before. Even the location showcased in GTA 5 is a remake for the same Los Santos present in GTA San Andreas.

Regardless of how GTA 6 will be, the most reasonable thing that a fan of the series can do now is to enjoy the older Grand Theft Auto titles.



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