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GTA Online: New Update Brings Back Evil Aliens to Attack You

Let’s be fair and admit that most gamers like aliens. Well, not in reality, because we never encountered one. Or perhaps aliens are already living among us, and we can swear that there’re humans. However, the aliens from GTA 5 are hostile and ready to attack you with everything they got.

We already have a mission in the single-player story mode where Michael has to fight aliens by using the terrifying minigun. However, that was just a side mission and things become even more exciting when you see such a scenario in the online version of the game. Therefore, GTA Online brings back a limited-time event. It allows players now to eat some Peyote plants so their character will become high and have to fight some spooky aliens.

No time to waste!

You better hurry up if you want to take advantage of the update and punish them naughty visitors from outer space. Your chance to save the planet in GTA Online expires on April 13! Rockstar actually brought back the Alien Survival Series and Peyote plants from the last year’s Halloween event.

Rockstar made the big announcement via Twitter:

The Peyote plants also don’t represent something entirely new in GTA 5. The single-player story mode also includes the possibility for your character to find the magical plants throughout the huge map of the game. The outcome is a little different, indeed. Franklin, Trevor, or Michael, depending on who you’ve chosen to be your character, will get a hilarious hallucination that they’ve become animals. Thus, you can become a chicken, a pig, a bird, a rabbit, a hen, a cow, a crow, a cat, a coyote, or some other animal in GTA 5.

Yes, fighting aliens in video games is cool, but how about fighting them using powerful weapons as the grenade launcher or try to run them over with a tank? Feel free to try all these in GTA Online before the aliens are gone by April 13!




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