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GTA Online: New Halloween Update allows Players to Become Different Animals and even Aliens

GTA V was and still is by far one of the most beloved video games, and that says something about how good is it. Of course, popularity is not really a synonym for quality, but in some cases they can get along. Things in GTA Online has become pretty peculiar since the new update provides a variety of different characters for the player to choose from: animals like rabbits or dogs, aliens, and even BigFoot.

The update has been already released on Halloween, and it gives the players tons of hours of new exciting gameplay. As aliens, they can engage in combats with the FBI and mad farmers.

Halloween mode looks terrifying great

Every year Rockstar Games has come with some updates for GTA to celebrate Halloween, and now they’re doing the same. The spooky part of the update is the one regarding the aliens. It consists of a series of new survival missions, all being related to Project 4808. These missions are allowing players to take control of different aliens who are equipped with destructive laser and plasma weapons.

Becoming an animal is not new for GTA V. Even in the singleplayer mode you can do this, under some conditions. Doing it on GTA Online will require the same conditions: players will have to grab one of the 75 Peyote plants that exist around Los Santos. There’s no need to go for online video tutorials to see how you get them, because they’re marked on the map. Once you grab the plant and eat it, you’ll become an animal (properly speaking).

Aliens or BigFoot?

What’s more frightening for Halloween, being a destructive and evil alien or a BigFoot? But why not both? In GTA Online, you can be an alien today and a BigFoot tomorrow.

Playing as BigFoot in GTA Online is a load of fun. You can beat up people or even use guns to shoot them, shoot stores, and even cars to get them exploded.

Who knows what other characters Rockstar will bring for GTA. Anybody wants to be Santa Claus and rob kids of their toys?



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