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GTA Online: Join the Retro Cars Frenzy along With This Week’s Update

The developers of GTA 5 had been treating the players with weekly updates for the online mode of the game. Even though GTA 5 is seven years old and a lot of its fans are eagerly waiting for some official news about GTA 6, things are still packing a load of fun when it comes to the latest installment of the series.

The Weeny Issi is GTA’s parody of the age-old Mini Cooper. Such cars were part of GTA Online since the game initially launched. Variations of this legendary car have been added quite frequently, but now the Issi and all variations are receiving a whole week of attention from Rockstar.

How to get a Weeny Issi

One sure way to get yourself such a car in GTA Online and drive it across the huge map as much as you want is to try your luck at the casino. However, it takes a good amount of patience to drive this car too much. It handles poorly, it flips over fast, and it can lose its bumpers and fenders even faster. But if you’re a masochist or you have a true passion for retro cars, the best way of getting a Weeny Issi is by winning one at the casino. Why spend in-game money when there’s a chance to get the iconic car for free?

There’s also the option to buy a Weeny Issi in GTA Online if you have too much in-game money and don’t know on what to spend it next. Rockstar is making the purchase of such a retro car more profitable now than ever because you can get a piece at 50% discount.

The developers of GTA Online are also giving everyone who logs into the game during this week a free Weeny Issi t-shirt. Just what else could you possibly want for a true fan of both Mini Coopers and GTA V?




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