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GTA Online: For Valentine’s Day, the New Update Brings New Rewards for Heist Missions, a New Vehicle, and More

For Valentine’s Day, those who are in love with GTA 5 are receiving another pleasant surprise from Rockstar Games. While a lot of people are eagerly waiting for official news regarding the long-awaited GTA 6, they should instead focus their attention on what the good old GTA 5 has to offer, especially the online mode. GTA Online is constantly receiving improvements and new fun features to be explored, and there’s no wonder why since it has a huge fanbase.

Previous updates for GTA Online included some huge amounts of in-game cash, outstanding vehicles, and dangerous missions. And now, those who regularly access the game’s gambling hub have another good reason to do it.

Now you can actually steal the diamonds

On previous heists for GTA Online, you were rewarded only with in-game cash after completing the missions and risking your life while shooting hordes of cops and special forces. As for the Diamond Casino Heist, you received only $2.1 million for completing it. But now with the new update, you can actually get your hands on those shiny diamonds, which adds a lot more realism to the game. They worth $3 million for each heist.

Rockstar ensured that diamonds will be included not only in the Diamond Casino Heist, but in every single Casino Heist moving forward. All players have to do is to complete them and to get rid of those damn cops.

More content added

Rockstar Games is revealing on its official news page what other exciting content is bringing for the players of GTA Online:

  • New vehicle: Sugoi (available for $1,224,000-$918,000)
  • RC Time Trial: Vespucci Beach
  • Part Hasta La Vista
  • Podium Vehicle: Roosevelt Valor
  • Premium Race: Boots on the Ground
  • Time Trial: Observatory
  • Lost Vs Damned
  • Double GTA$ & RP on Heists, Prison Break, Series A Funding, Fleeca Job
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • Offense Defense

Such improvements should delight any person for Valentine’s Day, even if he or she is single.



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