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GTA Online Update Brings Twitch Prime Rewards, Cars, And More

GTA Online update brings Twitch Prime Rewards, cars, extra money, and more, according to the patch released by Rockstar Games on September 19. This update is a weekly one for GTA Online. Players will get the chance to try new cars, extra rewards for missions, and more. Also, a Twitch Prime loot was announced.

GTA Online succeeded to stay on top a little bit longer than expected. It conquers with its opponents, and its updates are very challenging. Rockstar is a developer which continue to get players happy each time. The company launched some features presenting its latest car, with some extra bonuses for racing through mountains and free cosmetics, too.

GTA Online Updates

A San Andreas remake will make its appearance. Ubermacht Zion Classic is presented as the latest car addition update. Nostalgic much, well it seems that the developers sure are! For this classic beauty, you will have to spend some significant cash. The car is supposedly available at the price of $812,000 in-game. How about a Ubermacht t-shirt? You will get one to display your admiration.

You will get the chance to earn extra money on VIP and Casino work. The Pink Races Series from the map will guarantee you more rewards, too. Everything seems to come double, because of the work from Casino or VIP. These two locations will bring you double cash and more Respect Points. From Casino work, you will earn bonus casino chips, and VIP, double the salary while they are with a CEO.

An unexpected change comes from Diamon Casino and Resort, because of its podium car. It has changed, and it will be, for sure an improvement. Enus Stafford is listed as a prize from the lucky wheel.

GTA Online Twitch Prime Loot

Players who keep their connection with their accounts, Twitch Prime and Rockstar Social Club will be highly rewarded as well in the new GTA Online update.



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