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GTA Online And GTA 5 Will Suffer Since Rockstar Games Has Changed Its View On The Games

The latest Rockstar Games announcement came with a warning for all the GTA 5 and GTA Online players. The fact that we won’t be able to play the game on some devices saddened us.

With the highest scores so far reached for its performance, features, most downloads, and plot, GTA 5 will always be an outstanding game. Reports from last week show how the game achieved the most downloaded game status on the PlayStation Store. GTA 5 launched a significant feature to GTA Online, succeeding in reaching the rank of the most downloaded game, even it was released five years ago.

Rockstar, however, gained fans attention by a statement that appeared to be a real warning. The developers decided a new fate for one of the GTA 5 most valuable features on some devices. The change is for the acclaimed iFruit App. The App represents an excellent tool for all the players, because of its function of syncing GTA 5 and GTA Online.

What GTA 5 and GTA Online features will be missing?

For example, the LS Customs App allows players to change their characters vehicles without booting the game. Rockstar supposedly stopped their support on Windows Store and Phone, and even the PlayStation Vita platforms.

The good news is that the developers will continue to accord their support for Android and iOS devices. Of course, there will be an issue in the future for these devices, too, because the App is updated exceeding the range of older phones capacities. Rockstar developers do their best always when they choose to launch any feature for the iFruit App.

The App succeeded to bring joy to GTA players since 2013, with many features. We can find a whole other world there experiencing fun activities and some mini-games. Also, iFruit always brought us the latest GTA 5 news through the Rockstar Games Social Club. Developers even created a platform called LifeInvader.



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