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GTA IV: Rockstar Pulls Back an Update that Was Causing Significant Inconveniences for The Players

Although GTA IV is twelve years old, it’s still receiving plenty of love from Rockstar. The fourth main installment of the iconic GTA series still gets plenty of updates, but unfortunately, not all of them turned out to be as useful as they should have been.

Niko Belic started to run into even more trouble than before after a new update for the game was brought by Rockstar only several days ago. The saved files couldn’t load properly anymore, which automatically made Niko lose his dates with Michelle, his bowling matches with Roman, or anything else the players had scheduled for the protagonist character of GTA IV.

It had to bring back some cool music

The new update had the purpose of restoring songs and radio stations that had been removed from GTA IV. One of the radio stations was Vice City FM. But as the update arrived, many players of the game started complaining on Reddit and Steam that their save files were malfunctioning.

Rockstar didn’t try to hide the issue, and it reacted in the most reasonable way possible:

There was an issue introduced in yesterday’s update that temporarily gave the appearance that save files were destroyed and the update was recalled,

The game should now be reading those save files correctly and we will redeploy the update as soon as we can.

That’s it, Niko Bellic should be safe and ready to continue his more-or-less unorthodox activities.

If you’re a newcomer to the Grand Theft Auto series and you wish to see what it can offer best, you shouldn’t hesitate to play GTA IV. The game is considered even better than the latest GTA V by a significant part of the fanbase. GTA IV has some unique and unforgettable gameplay features for a 2008 game – realistic shooting and injuries caused by them, realistic interactions with pedestrians, compelling and dramatic story, and so on.



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