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GTA IV Has Been Removed from a Notorious Distribution Service – Can You Still Buy the Game?

Even if it’s almost twelve years old, Grand Theft Auto 4 is considered by some fans the best game from the notorious game series. They have their reasons to think so: the realistic shootouts when the victims behave differently when they’re shot in the leg, compared to when they’re shot in the chest or head, the dramatic story of Niko Belic, the challenging driving, the diversity of the map, and so on.

But now GTA 4 fans are receiving very harsh news: their favorite game is not available for purchase any more on Steam, and not even an official explanation hasn’t been given.

Exclusive for Rockstar Launcher?

A plausible hypothesis is that Rockstar had pulled out GTA 4 from Steam in order to make it available only for their Rockstar Launcher. While there are still ways to get your hands on GTA 4 legally, there is also another good news: those who have already bought the game via Steam will be able to keep their copy and therefore download whenever they want.

GTA 4 has been sold like warm bread

Since fans had been eagerly expecting the sequel for GTA 3, the fourth installment of the notorious game series was a tremendous success back in 2008. Released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto 4 has been sold in over 6 million copies worldwide for the console versions in the first week after launch. Thus, the game generated an astronomical revenue: $500 million after only one week. This was a new sales world record for any form of entertainment.

Is the game worth buying?

Of course, popularity is rarely a synonym for sheer quality, so the fact that the game is popular doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth the money. But GTA 4 is one big exception. It has been a tremendous upgrade for the previous GTA 3, from graphics to combats, shootings, explosions, driving maneuvers, and so on.

What do you think about GTA 4? Do you like it more than GTA 5? Let us know in the comments!



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