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GTA 6 Release Date Update As Rockstar Games Launcher Rolled Out For PC

Yesterday, Rockstar Games Launcher rolled out for PC with an excellent surprise – GTA: San Andreas for free. But, how can that link to a GTA 6 release date update? When corroborating that with the fact that GTA 5 6th anniversary took place on September 17th, we might be onto something exciting here.

Many GTA 6 rumors emerged on the Internet this year. Some of the stories that went out online suggested that the next installment in the franchise would come out exclusively on next-gen consoles – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett (Two).

Nonetheless, many leaks talked about the possibility of a female main character in GTA 6, for the first time in the series’ history. Also, the action in the upcoming GTA title could take place in two different cities from the fictional GTA universe. Vice City and a representation of a South American town.

In the most recent leak, however, we could see some alleged GTA 6 in-game screenshots. While we can’t estimate their accuracy, those images could represent that the game is under development and not that far from a presentation.

GTA 6 Release Date Update As Rockstar Games Launcher Rolled Out For PC

Rockstar Games Launcher rolled out yesterday for PC. For a limited time, anyone who downloads and installs it receives GTA: San Andreas for free (more details here).

While it might contradict previous rumors, some voiced that the release of the Launcher, as well as the fact that the Red Dead Redemption 2 banners were removed from the Rockstar Games buildings, could indicate to an official GTA 6 release date presentation.

Besides, on Tuesday, GTA 5 6th anniversary took place. GTA 5 is still a “money-making-machine” for Rockstar Games. That, most likely, has been the reason why the devs postponed the release of GTA 6.

In conclusion, there might be no connection between GTA 6 release date and Rockstar Games Launcher rollout. However, the things seem to move towards a significant announcement coming from Rockstar Games. We hope that it will be about GTA 6.



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