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GTA 6 Might Have Been Teased Via An Odd Artwork Released By Rockstar Games

GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption are for sure real successes, and it seems Rockstar Games is too busy managing them. It also means that the developers won’t launch or reveal something new anytime soon. But, as we love the speculations on GTA 6, here is another one to confuse even more.

According to Rockstar Games’ website, devs are working on a new game. An odd appearance on the website fuels the chances to be the well-anticipated GTA 6. Rockstar is known for keeping its projects hidden, but how are the chances that time could be different?

GTA 6 Major Hint on Rockstar Games’ Website

Recently, Rockstar Games published a new photo showcasing artwork on its website. Fans are already losing their mind over the released picture, while some try their best to find any hint. The artwork portrays a woman, resembling a robot holding the Rockstar logo. The picture also displays a bottle of champagne on the floor, and some rose petals. Such an artwork, however, it could’ve unnoticed if it didn’t show a strange style.

On observing the photo, one could notice that it got the same style as that of the GTA games. It seems to be a hint for the next GTA installment. Also, there is a specific element in the artwork that points to a concept of the setting for the next game.

Looking closer at the champagne bottle, we can find detail about the setting. The cap of the bottle, for example, has the year 1998 written on it. Fans believe that such a thing hints at the year, the action in the upcoming GTA 6 will take place. GTA San Andreas, one of the most praised in the GTA series, was set in 1992. Also, GTA 5 was established in Los Santos, the same place as San Andres.



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