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GTA 6 Is In Its Early Development Stages, As Per New Rumors

Over the past couple of months, we have heard all kinds of rumors about the upcoming GTA 6, and this time is no different. However, the most recent news sounds more legit than the previous ones. According to the video shared by IGN, Rockstar Games is working on the upcoming sixth part of the game at the studio. The game is under the development phase, and apparently, all this new info is coming from a reliable source that works closely with the video game company.

But the sad news is that GTA 6 might not arrive this year. According to the latest leak, the upcoming GTA game did not enter the development phase for that long, which means that the game is still in an early stage. The reason things are moving so slow with the production of the GTA 6 video game is that the company is looking forward to making some changes. The studio’s goal is to reduce the size of the upcoming GTA 6.

We still wait for the official announcement on GTA 6

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but there is a possibility that the upcoming version of the game to be smaller. That means smaller maps, fewer features; however, don’t get your panties in a twist about this potential situation. If GTA 6 will be released with a reduced size, it simply means that the studio will prepare updates that will be added to the game. Looking at the bigger picture, we will still get the complete game, but not all at once.

Releasing a video game piece by piece is not a new launch method. It might not be the most exciting method for the players; however, it works better for the studios. Whether Rockstar Games will decide to do the same with the upcoming GTA 6, we don’t know for sure. However, we need to accept the potential situation. Nevertheless, GTA 6 game will arrive sooner or later, and all true fans will enjoy it regardless of the way it will be released.



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