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GTA 6 Finally Confirmed to be Under Development? The Next GTA Game will be More Different Than Anyone Expected

We’re all over two decades away after the GTA series was born. In 1997 we saw the first Grand Theft Auto title running with its poor graphics and action. But that was the foundation of what later became the most famous video game series of all time.

GTA 5 is the latest installment of the series, and it’s already seven years old. The open-world RPG showcases the adventures of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin as they struggle into a world full of crime, lust, and depravity. GTA 5 has been sold like warm bread, beating all possible records. Now GTA 6 has the most difficult mission in the GTA history: to make fans forget about GTA 5.

A GTA game is under development… but is it GTA 6?

A renowned game website and blog claims that Rockstar has a plan for an upcoming GTA game. However, the report of the publication doesn’t refer to the upcoming game as being the long-awaited GTA 6, but it only says that it’s a new entry in the GTA series that’s currently under development.

If we look into the past, Rockstar released plenty of other GTA titles that didn’t have a number in their title. We can mention only the massive hits that San Andreas and Vice City were for the Grand Theft Auto series. Therefore, the hypothesis could be true that the next GTA game won’t be GTA 6. But on the other hand, it would be sheer torture from Rockstar towards its fans to be working on another GTA game in this period besides GTA 6. All the gaming community is boiling and waiting for any official info about GTA 6, as the internet is flooded with rumors and speculations about the future game. Surely the fans wouldn’t show any interest in a ‘GTA Chernobyl’, for instance.

The GTA developers are preparing something different

The most shocking news isn’t that a new GTA game is in the works, fans were expecting that for a very long time. The highlight is that the next GTA sequel shall be a “moderately sized” game at launch and then be enhanced with regular updates. This sounds a lot like the online version of GTA 5 (aka GTA Online), as the developers are constantly bringing new content and updates for it.

Whatever the mysterious GTA game will be, we’ll surely receive new info about it soon.



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