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GTA 6: Did the Developers Finish The Story of The Game? Fresh News from Rockstar Insider

With every week, day, and hour it passes, we are more close to the arrival of GTA 6. It’s taking a longer time than anyone expected, considering that Rockstar never let the fans wait so much for a Grand Theft Auto title. But all this stressful waiting is a huge hint that it will be totally worth it, as the developers are doing their best to make GTA 6 a fabulous game.

We don’t have a release date for GTA 6 yet, but we can truly expect the developers to reveal it soon. After a renowned game website and blog claimed recently that Rockstar has a plan for an upcoming GTA game, we have another huge news from a Rockstar insider.

The story is finished

Although the story is not an essential part of a game, it surely does play a critical role. You have to know what you’re playing for, right? The Rockstar insider Chris ‘Liberty93’ revealed some new details about GTA 6, as he claims that the story of the upcoming game is finished. The guy said:

If Dan [Houser], who’s writing the story, leaves Rockstar it’s kind of a bit of Rockstar’s soul which is leaving,

People tell me I shouldn’t be worried because GTA VI’s story is already finished. It could be true, but Red Dead Redemption 2’s story was finished in 2012, but they still made changes in late 2017, early 2018, and many little details were modified.

Speculations are free to flood the internet once again about the story of GTA 6. GTA 4 had Niko Belic as the main character, who was a war veteran from Eastern Europe coming to New York for a better life. GTA 5 had three protagonists (Michael, Trevor, and Franklin) who were crooks and bank robbers who had no remorse, each of them having his own exciting characteristics. GTA San Andreas had Carl Johnson (aka CJ), a poor black guy from an American ghetto who gets in the journey to become successful and respected.

What will the story of GTA 6 be like? Will we have only one, or more protagonists? We are eagerly waiting to get further information.




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