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GTA 5: This Weeks’ Update for the Online Mode Brings Cool New Vehicle, New Discounts, and More

The latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto series has gone a very long road until now. After being released seven years ago, GTA 5 became insanely popular, and nobody can deny it. The adventures of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are always full of challenges, but the online mode is even better (aka GTA Online). It receives constant updates, and the latest one brings along a new vehicle and other new content.

Rockstar Games already rolled out this weeks’ update, and it adds even more action to the iconic game. If you’re in love with ATV’s, then this is the update for you.

The Nagasaki Stryder

The Nagasaki Stryder arrives in the online mode for GTA 5, and it’s a real beauty:

Getting your hands on these fancy wheels is not easy. You’ll have to make your way through the game to earn some decent amount of money: $670,000. And then, you’ll be able to purchase the vehicle from Legendary Motorsport.


It’s good to know that along with the new update, there’s also room for discounts. Buying some cars will, therefore, cost you less money than usual, and this can only be helpful to the game. Who knows when you might need a fast car to run away from the police more efficiently?

  • Ruiner 2000: 35% discount
  • Scramjet: 35% discount
  • Sultan RS: 35% discount
  • Mobile Operations Center, Front, and Rear Turrets & Liveries, Renovations: 35% discount

Numerous sources among the internet are claiming that Rockstar Games will reveal some official information about the long-awaited GTA 6 game soon. Unfortunately, these are mostly just rumors, and it’s a lot more likely that Rockstar Games won’t reveal any information in the next several months. Firstly, because news related to GTA 6 rumors are very popular online. And second, the online mode for GTA 5 is doing very well and assuring the publisher plenty of success.

But most of all, GTA 5 is a fabulous game, and it’s continuing to get better. So why not continuing to enjoy it and forget about GTA 6, at least for a while?



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