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GTA 5 Story DLC – Why We Never Got It?

Unlike GTA 4, the latest GTA game never received any single-player story DLC, and gamers from across the world are wondering why that is.

GTA 5 is easily the most successful video game of all time, as it passed the 100 million sold copies milestone. Its success surpassed any prediction from Rockstar, and it’s undoubtedly their most significant success of all time.

Though GTA Online received occasional updates that added new content, the singleplayer mode of the game never received any form of DLC. That might sound like a downgrade considering that the previous GTA game received infamous DLC like The Lost and the Damned, as well as The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The Reasons

There is a handful of reasons why GTA 5 has never received extra content. However, GTA Online is on top of that list.

Rockstar used to have plans for single-player DLC in GTA 5, but the way GTA Online escalated put an end to that, making the developer switch their attention from singleplayer content to multiplayer DLC.


One year ago, two leakers (known as Tez2 and Yan2295 revealed some of the company’s initial plans.

Tez revealed that “What Rockstar was planning to do with the single-player DLC can be compared to adding a whole new map expansion.”

“They had plans to redesign 80 or 90 percent of the map to fit a specific theme – one of the episodes was supposed to feature a zombie apocalypse. Rockstar would make changes to the whole map to fit the zombie apocalypse theme,” he added.

Unfortunately for us, we never received any of that.

The Diamond Casino & Resort was initially meant to be available in both singleplayer and multiplayer, but the developers changed their minds meanwhile.



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