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GTA 4 is Returning to Steam, but Without an Important Feature

Released way back in 2008, GTA 4 impressed the world with beautiful graphics for that time and exciting gameplay. The game presents the adventures of Niko Belic, a Serbian guy who came to the US for a better life but instead encountered many threats and challenges. The game is even better than GTA 5 in some ways, and nobody can deny it.

Despite its venerable age of almost twelve years old, GTA 4 is still a popular game and clearly among the best Grand Theft Auto games. But an unfortunate turn of events led to the situation of the game being pulled off Steam since January.

GTA 4 returns to Steam on March 19

You will have the possibility of buying the game again from Steam after March 19, 2020. While this news of GTA 4 returning to the famous game platform will delight plenty of fans, it does have some negative aspects. If you bought a physical version of the famous game, you’ll have two possibilities: either use your key to update to the Complete Edition, or connect your account from Rockstar’s Social Club in place of Games for Windows Live. But the worse news is yet to come.

The multiplayer mode is gone

You’ll no more have access to multiplayer mode after purchasing GTA 4 on Steam. On its release back in 2008, GTA 4 was the first title from the Grand Theft Auto series that offered players the chance to get together in a game, shoot cops, kill pedestrians, run away from the police, or simply go get drunk in a bar. Now, the multiplayer mode of the game has been disabled as a result to some issues with the Games for Windows Live platform.

GTA 4 will remain for a long time the first option for some of the fans of the famous game series. The shooting, soundtracks, and the story just stick within your brain forever.



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