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Great Dragon Ball Dilemma SOLVED: How to Link the Storylines of Super and GT

As Dragon Ball Super’s episodes dropped one after another, fans all over the world of the famous franchise had been wondering themselves how will the storyline of the show link to the one from Dragon Ball GT. Although each one of the animes has their haters, they both carry the Dragon Ball legacy.

Dragon Ball Super ended in March 2018 after only 131 episodes (Dragon Ball Z had more than twice as much), leaving apparently no way of matching GT’s storyline. In Dragon Ball GT, there was no sign of Gods of Destruction, angels, other universes, Super Saiyan God, Grand Priest, Zeno, or Golden Frieza. Furthermore, Goku and Vegeta were so amazed to achieve the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, meaning that they’ve never seen anything close to such massive powers before. But we all know that the imagination of Dragon Ball writers never run out of ideas, so there are surely ways of linking the two animes if they really want to do so. Here are our guess for how they could do it:

Every fighter loses his powers and a good part of his memory

It’s obvious that they can link the two TV shows only by releasing a brand new Dragon Ball Super season, or a little movie. In the new footage, Goku and his friends have to get their powers severely decreased, and their memories erased. Even creating a brand new character capable of doing this to them shouldn’t be a problem. The writers have all the time in the world of thinking about how to do it. After all, the timeline of Dragon Ball GT is positioned much further than the one of Super, the gap being over 10 years.

But surely it wouldn’t be a mistake if the producers of Dragon Ball will never link the two shows mentioned earlier. Both of them have their own particularities and could just be considered parallel Dragon Ball universes.

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