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Grand Theft Auto Vice City: 10 Secret Areas

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is very popular among the series of action-adventure games. This game has fantastic gameplay that fans just can’t help but love. The gameplay keeps the player interested and involved. 

Many players have given GTA Vice City a try. While exploring this game, players were preoccupied with stealing deluxe cars and testing unique weapons. However, as the game is vast, there are a few places that players might have missed. Areas of the game that the players haven’t found yet.

And because of this reason, this article comes in hand to every GTA player that wants to explore every tiny little corner of the Vice City game. Below you will find a list of all hidden areas in the GTA Vice City. We call them secret areas and encourage you to explore them.

1 Ocean Beach Rampage

To reach this location, you need to use a boat or a helicopter. The place is between the South points of East and West islands. 

2 Behind The Ocean View Medical Foundation

To reach behind the Ocean View Medical Foundation, you need to use a car as a ramp for a solid pedestrian jump. The second option is to run directly from the South of Ocean View Hospital.

3 More Ammunition At Washington Beach

The neighborhoods around Washington Beach is something every true GTA Vice City player needs to explore. Check out the far north corner to get armor. Look near the pool of Hotel Harrison as well.

4 The White Tall Building

Check the rooftop of a tall white building with blue stripes to put your hands on the hidden package. The building is located in the south of the Washington Beach Police Station. Use a helicopter to get here.

5 The Standing Vice Point Hotel

Another place that requires the player to use a helicopter is the boutique hotel located between the Vice City Beach water tower and the Standing Vice Point hotel. 

6 The Chase

Most players know about this mission. However, not everyone knows about the hidden package. The package is located a little further to the left from the stairs.

7 The Ducum Inn Hotel

This hotel can be found at the north end of the Washington Canal. Walk inside and see what you can do from there.

8 InterGlobal Studio

Use a helicopter to get on the rooftop of the Studio. Check out the North rooftop stairwell to find a package.

9 The Starfish Island

Vercetti Estate is something every player explored. However, it is also the place of a package that not many know about. To find the package, go toward the pool area. From there, enter the bushes along the sidewall and voila.

10 Downtown Vice City

Schuman Health Care Center has a secret package in the car parking located below grade. You can find it on the ramp toward the ambulance.



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