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Google Updates its Pixel 4 Phone with Efficient Security Measure

After providing so many high-quality software services towards its users, Google proved to the world that it can also be glorious in the hardware department. The Pixel 4 smartphone was released last year in October by the tech giant from Mountain View, and it can easily be considered a tough competitor for other companies’ flagships.

Pixel 4 is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor, 8 GB of RAM, a dual-camera on the rear capable of 2 x optical zoom, and Face ID, just to say the basics. But you know what they say: there’s always room for more, and that’s exactly what the creators of the gadget seemed to have had in mind.

Extra security measure for face unlock

Google just released yesterday, April 6, an update that significantly increases security for the phone. The measure requires users to have their eyes open when they’re using the face unlock feature.

Although it may sound like nothing to many people, the update is very useful considering that before it came, somebody could easily unlock a Pixel 4 phone by simply pointing it to the owner’s face while he is asleep. It was easy for your sister, brother, girlfriend or mother to grab your phone and unlock it while you were sleeping, and voila: they can view all your conversations, files, and pretty much everything you do online. But with the new update, you can’t unlock your phone unless you’re awake and well aware of what’s going on. …well, we’re excluding situations when the user is drunk, high, or anything like that. We have faith that the readers of feedride.com are responsible and decent people.

Other improvements

Google’s new update for the Pixel 4 phone also brings fixes for issues regarding Bluetooth audio input, and lagging when the keyboard was brought up for some apps.

However, if you don’t like the extra security measure for Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone, remember that you’re free to disable it anytime within the face unlock settings.


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