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Google Translate Gets Transcription Feature on Android

Google has updated its Translate app to let users record and transcribe long conversations into another language. Starting today, lots of users can enjoy a new Google Translate experience. The company first released a demo of the Transcription feature in January. Such an upgrade is essential as it lets you record any speech in one language and reproduce the message in the text of another language. More significantly, it does all of that in real-time!

Google Translate Releases the Transcription Feature

The Verge released a statement about Google Translate’s Transcription Feature available exclusively to Android users. The feature will have at launch support for eight languages, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and Thai. The app would also be capable of translating freely between those languages.

You can choose to update Google Translate and utilize the new feature by tapping on the Transcribe icon on the center of the interface. You’ll have to pick a source and target language. Then, use the feature to translate and transcribe lectures and speeches. Google details that the functionality runs best if you record in a quiet room. A good internet connection is also needed to use the feature at its full potential. Such a thing is a must because Google Translate relies on Google’s TPUs.

The Transcribe option, however, might sound familiar to you. Google developed such a thing on its Pixel smartphones. The Recorder app has been out for a while now. It’s also built as an addition to Translate’s Conversation feature, which you can utilize to make sense of sentences, single words, and phrases, too. If you’d like to get the Translate’s new feature experience on iOS, you’ll have to wait for a while. Transcribe is currently available only for Android, but Google plans to introduce the feature to iOS soon.



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