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Google Shows Awesome New AR Feature coming for Apps

We have to be honest: Google is more notorious for its services regarding the software field rather than the hardware one. And the company based in Mountain View is also better in its software services, too. Of course, the Pixel 4 created by Google might have had some success, but when you say ‘Google’, the first things that pop into mind are the search engine, YouTube, or the GPS apps like Waze and Google Maps.

The engineers from Google know very well that their company provides better services in the software field, and so they decided to invest more knowledge in the AR technology.

ARCore’s all-new Depth API upgrades

Google promises that AR experiences will become much more realistic in the near future. Therefore, the occlusion is included in the plans, a feature that helps in those situations when an artificial object can be blocked from view in a scene by real objects.

The best news is that you won’t need to replace your phone with one more powerful in order to take advantage of the new occlusion feature. Google’s officials say that the famous Mountain View-based company is able to provide such feature just by updating existing software.

Your phone should support ARCore

The basic condition for your phone to take advantage of the new AR feature is to support the ARCore. And that isn’t a hard condition since pretty much any Android phone nowadays can support that technology.

Google itself claims that more than 200 million Android devices will have the privilege of getting occlusion for all the objects that have an AR model in Google Search.

In a world where virtual reality is gaining enormous popularity, it’s nice to see that the Augmented Reality technology still has plenty to say. And what other company can we rely on but one of the “big four”?



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