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Google Play Store Takes Down 600 Apps Due To Annoying Ads

Google is cleaning its Play Store of the apps that have annoying or offensive ads. The announcement made recently by the company is saying that around 600 apps are out from the Google Play Store, and they are receiving bans for monetizing ads as well. The ban and removal are available for the apps that have advertisements which are appearing in the most unusual ways. For example, the apps that are showing ads when you want to make a phone call or when you are not using your phone.

Google is deciding to clean up the messy apps that are annoying the users with ads at inappropriate moments. It is a fact now that Play Store is not as safe and secure as Apple’s App Store. Google is not using the same strict app review process when it comes to new apps or updates. So this action can lead to frequent issues for users.

Google Play Store to continue to remove apps with annoying ads

However, when you think that the Google Play Store has more than three million apps on its platform, the number 600 is tiny. So maybe Apple is right for having strict rules when it comes to its platform. Besides this, it will take time until Google will handle each app and its offensive ads when it has a large number of them. Also, the developers are finding and trying new methods every day of masking the disruptive ads away from Google.

However, Google is saying that this is only the beginning! The company is working hard with new technologies that will help them to discover these kinds of tricks. All in all, Google has a new machine-learning that will detect the masked ads and when the developers are showing out from the context. Some orders and discipline will be made on the app department from the Play Store.



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