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Google Play Store Necessary Tips and Tricks for a Better Experience

Android users can get a great experience by trying lots of apps, movies, music, or eBooks from the Google Play Store. But there are more things to do on the Google Play Store than searching, installing, or updating apps. Here is a full detailed list of some of the most useful tips and tricks for some quite intriguing features:

  1. Disable Update Notification. Try an easy way to stop default Google Play Store options to update the apps automatically every time a new version is launched. You can do this by accessing the Play Store app’s Settings and find the Notifications option and de-select it.
  2. Set a Password Restrict for App Purchases. This is an excellent option for Android users who have more than one account. By setting a password, you secure the app purchases and the money in your Google wallet. Do this by accessing Google Play Store’s Settings and pick Select Password. You are free to choose any password you want and then press OK.
  3. Check Your Whole Android Device Collection. For Android users who use multiple Android devices from a single account, it’s easy to check the whole collection. Go to Web Play Store and choose Gear Icon and then Settings.
  4. Install an App from Your Desktop. Google Play Store lets you do that very quickly and safe. Open Google Play Store on your browser and choose the app you would like to install. Then select the Install option and select the device.
  5. Hide Your Android from Menus. If you got bored with your Android device appearing in the menu list, you could now hide it. Access Web Google Play Store and select the Gear icon and then Settings. Choose de-select Show in menus for the desired device that you don’t want it to appear anymore.
  6. Ask for a Refund. Requesting a refund from the developers now it’s effortless. Select the Gear icon and then My orders. Access the app and choose the favicon, and you’ll see Report a Problem. Choose ‘I’d like to request a refund’ and explain your reason and send it by clicking Submit.

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