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Google Play Store gets the Dark Theme for all Android Phones

More and more web services are receiving the dark theme, like WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. It’s a great way to facilitate the user experience with various services and apps. A dark theme has plenty of significant benefits that anybody can rely on: increases battery life, relaxes the eyes, and so on.

Now it’s Google Play Store’s turn to receive a dark mode so that users will navigate through their desired apps and games with much more comfort. The update already arrived, and all you have to do if you own an Android phone is to activate it.

The announcement comes from Google itself

There’s no room for interpretation in this because the news doesn’t come from an unreliable source like a forum, a video on YouTube from an unknown person, etc. The arrival of the dark mode for the Play Store comes from Google itself, which says on Twitter that the feature is available for all Android users:

This is not an entirely new feature for Google Play Store. In the past, there was also a dark theme available for Google’s official app store, but it could be activated only on phones that were running Android 10 and 9.

How to activate it

Activating the dark theme on Google Play Store is like a walk in the park. All you have to do is to hit the menu from the app (the ‘burger’ button), select ‘Settings’, then hit the ‘Theme’ option, and ultimately mark the button where it says ‘Dark’. That’s all!

Once again, Google shows that it’s continuously preoccupied to enhance the experience of its users with their services, although some might say that a dark theme for the official app store is not a significant update. It sure is, and time will prove it by more and more customers won by Android phones.




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