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Google Pixel 5 Renders Revealed The Possible Design Of The Future Device

Google has managed to impress many reviewers and users alike with the Pixel range of smartphones, which offers an impressive user experience and one of the best cameras that can be found on the market. Many people anticipate the release of the Pixel 5. Still, Google is keen on keeping many details a secret since the launch of the Pixel 4 was affected by a significant amount of leaks that lowered the hype for the event. However, this plan does not seem to work so well as a reliable source has leaked renders of what appears to be the Pixel 5.

The reactions on the internet were mixed, with many users arguing that the looks of the device appear to be quite odd. While most smartphone manufacturers have strived to reduce the size of the upper bezel with the help of pop-out or punch-out cameras, Google seems to go against the trend, maintaining the classic position of the selfies camera and microphone grille on what appears to be a relatively generous bezel.

More about the Google Pixel 5 design

Some voices speculate that the size of the bezel was maintained so Google can keep the Soli Radar, which is a key part of the Motion Sense feature. It is thought that there was no way to trim the size of the sensor without compromising its functionality. On the rear of the device, a strange camera layout can be observed. The sensor is placed in the lower part of the array with a flash being placed in the middle.

Two secondary sensors can be found on the left and right upper-areas, with what appears to be a sensor for depth position in the upper-top section. While that may not be so unusual, the amount of space taken by the camera array and the free space between the sensors is quite impressive. It remains to be seen if the final product will retain the same looks.



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