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Google Photos Brings Chat Feature for iOS, Android, and Web

Google presented a few months ago a bunch of new Photos features, such as printing setting or story-like Memories. Today, the developers had decided to take a turn to the messaging service. A thought could be said that Google has over-indulged in its developing of way too many messaging apps in the past. That’s why we see now a linking with Google Photos.

Such integration makes sense a little bit, though. The company develops a smart way to quickly massage photos and chat with whoever you want within the Google Photos app. We are also allowed to directly and very easily share those one-off photos or videos with someone, rather than picking extra steps to make a shared photo album. The option itself is friendly and simple to utilize.

Google Photos – Chat Messaging Feature and Other Details

Confirmed on December 3, Google Photos’ built-in messaging feature is now available worldwide. Check for it to find out if it’s live by sharing a photo on iOS, Android, or Web, and you’ll see a “Send in Google Photos” option at the top. You will need, however, a Google account to receive the images. Such a thing might put a limit on the feature to some extent because of not everyone’s choice of utilizing Google.

To initiate a group chat started by selecting “New Group,” you must choose some recipients. After that, you can return to it any time you want from the “Sharing” tan in Google Photos. In the chat, you can see images and videos that you shared or received, and text chats likes or comments. According to Google, this “feature isn’t designed to replace the chat apps you already use.” It follows existing first-party social platforms such as shared albums or libraries, and live albums, as well.



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