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Google Maps 10.29.1 Beta Update is Now Available with New Incognito Mode

Google has created lots of fun apps but not just that. The Android parent has also launched apps that make people’s lives easier and Google Maps is the perfect example of that. Google Maps provides detailed maps for more than 220 countries and territories that are helping users navigate the world faster and safer thanks to awesome features such as real-time GPS support, traffic/transit info and much more. Talking about Google Maps, we need to mention that the app has just received a new update.

Google Maps 10.29.1 Beta Update

The latest update for Google Maps has arrived earlier this morning and it sports the 10.29.1 beta version number. Even though the update is being rolled out via OTA (over the air) channels, not all Android fans can download it right now since the update is available in the form of beta.

Therefore, all Android fans who want to make sure that they are among the first ones to access all of the latest Google Maps updates should consider enrolling in the official Android Beta Program. In addition, Google is allowing everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone to join the beta program.

New Incognito Mode

Google knows that people don’t like it when their ISP (internet service provider) or any other entity is tracking their online activity and this is why the latest 10.29.1 beta update for Google Maps introduces the highly popular Incognito Mod that was made famous when it was implemented into Google Chrome.

The new mode is allowing users to search or navigate to their favorite locations on Google Maps without having to worry that their activity is being tracked. To top it all off, the new mode is also making sure that the user activity doesn’t get saved in the “History” panel.



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