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Google Flights vs. the Competition – The Most Out Of Your Flight

When Google first launched Google Flights in India back in 2015, it was expected that it would be a good app – it grew to $48 billion by 2020. It entered an agreement with Vistara, Jet Airways, and Via.com. In 2017, they signed a pact with Cleartrip. There are many competitors out there, and we are here to tell you why you should trust google on this one.

So what is Google Flights?

This one is a flight companion powered by Google. It looks on the internet for the cheapest flight deals and puts them in one place for you. It searches for a number of stops, preferred airlines, price, timing. You can choose a destination and get the flights and prices in no time.

We know what you are wondering: when you’re searching for a flight, does not the site save the cookies? In this case, would not it affect your Google Flight results? Just to be sure it does not, switch to incognito mode when searching and booking for flights.

Make the most out of Google Flights

You enter your destination, then the travel date and the app will show a “flight insights” section, where you will find recommendations. You will choose the best deal.

Use the dates feature and the price graph. If you do not have a precise set date, but you know the time when you want to go traveling, use the price graph and the dates features. You will see trends over weeks or months. You can pick a date based on the best deal that you find.

Make sure you find the nearby airports as the cheapest alternative. If you do not have an airport in mind, you could choose to travel from and to the most affordable airport out there. When you enter your destination, you will see a list of alternative airports nearby and their prices.

Plan your trip according to tips. If you have a specific location that you really want to visit, but you do not know precisely what to do there, then look for the tips featured in the flight insights section. It comes with amazing offers and suggestions and, most importantly, tips on how to plan your journey. You will get ideas on the best places to visit, and you will get maps and videos to show you your best options in that specific place.

Is Google Flights better than Kayak And Skyscanner?

Before we had Google Flights, there were not many choices when it came to planning our trips. The best options were Skyscanner and Kayak. The difference? When choosing a location, this is what you get:

All of the three apps got the same flight to the destination, but there was a difference in the flight fares, which were shown. Google found the cheapest fare, and Skyscanner got us a slightly expensive one. But Kayak? It showed the highest fare. Google Flights not only indicates the cheapest fares, but it also covers your bases. It also allows you to compare with multiple flight sites, such as Cleartrip of Yatra.

Should you choose Google Flights?

Google Flights is good, but you can get the same pieces of information from the other ones, as well. Some other sites also show hotel booking options or car rental services – which Google Flights lacks. With some promo codes, you can even get some nice discounts. But the design with this one is simply flawless, and its features are user-friendly. It’s your best choice if you want something simple.


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