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Google Earth Update Launched With A New Feature And Performance Improvements

Google has released a wealth of applications over the years, with some being more popular than others. One of the most useful ones is Google Earth, which is available across a variety of platforms, including Android smartphones.

The core feature of the app is represented by the ability to take a virtual tour across the world and admire exotic locations from the comfort of your own house. It can come in quite handy when you want to learn more data about specific locations or teach geography in an interactive manner that will attract the interest of the listener, who has the option to use their personal smartphone to access a target location.

Google Earth Features

Find a location

Users can quickly find the desired location with the help of a dedicated search bar. Once the location is entered, the app will zoom-in the virtual globe and depict an aerial shot of the location, which in most cases, comes like a bird’s eye perspective or top-down.
By using your fingers, it is quite easy to zoom-in or zoom-out and observe more details about the desired location, including surrounding areas, the position of specific buildings, and much more.

Playing with layers

One of the best features provided by the app comes in the forms of layers, which can be enabled or disabled manually. These layers will grant access to a rich selection of additional information as points of interest among which we can count diners, hotels, roads, or parks will be highlighted automatically.

Street View

In some cases, you may want to take a virtual walk across some of the most famous streets in the world, among which we can count the iconic Fifth Avenue or the Hollywood Boulevard. Street View offers the ability to follow the road as a car would to and look in four directions to soak the details.

Google Earth Was Launched

The Google Earth update comes the ability to access custom maps on the go via the Projects tab. Also, the devs implemented some performance improvements in the new version of the app.



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