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Google Earth Update Available with New Measuring Tool and High-Res Imagery

Google has created lots of fun and useful apps but one of the best ones is undoubtedly Google Earth. This app makes it possible for users to explore the world from the comfort of their own homes. You can see the famous Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower and the only thing that you are required to have is a smartphone and access to an internet connection. However, there is much more to Google Earth than exploring the world. The app is even used by construction companies to layout the plans for their upcoming projects.

Google Earth Update

If there is one thing that everyone knows and loves about the Android parent, then it has to be the fact that Google’s motto is “another day, another update. The Android parent is always rolling out new updates for its most important apps in order to take their performances and software stability to the next level. With that said, Google Earth is the latest update to receive a major update from the Android parent and the new release sports the version number.

What’s New?

The question that all Google Earth fans must be asking right now about this latest update is what’s new? Well, Google Earth fans should be pleased to find out that the new release is not a maintenance update and instead, it comes with a new feature that makes it possible for all users to make measurements. Simply tap on the ruler feature and you will be able to calculate distances and areas, anywhere on Earth!

We also want to note that the update introduces and updates 100 cities in 3D. This includes massive cities such has New York City, London, Amsterdam and Paris. To top it all off, the update comes with new high-res imagery in parts of 21 countries.



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