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Google Duo vs FaceTime — Which One Should You Use

Ever since the government decided to implement social distancing measures, the video conferencing platforms have been even more accessed. The most used online platforms are Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet for business and educational purposes. In addition to this, there are videoconferencing tools that can meet the personal needs. Now the question is, which one you should choose between FaceTime and Google Duo.

Google Duo vs FaceTime

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your online streaming platform is its availability. Therefore, even though all your devices, such as telephone, tablet, computer, are part of the Apple brand, the majority of your contact may use an Android. Therefore, taking into consideration the fact that FaceTime is available only for iOS devices, there is no other way to get in contact with those that use an Android device.

In the meantime, Google Duo can be accessed on any device that has internet connectivity. The application displays only the contacts that already use its services. However, FaceTime is installed on the phone by default and allows you to call any Apple user.

While FaceTime is installed by default on your iOS device, Google Duo is an app that can be downloaded from the respective app stores. FaceTime does not need any setup because when you open your phone, you can access it from the start of the video call option. Google Due asks for a series of configurations that can be easily completed in a short time.

Both apps present resembling features, even though FaceTime is known for offering better filters and special effects. It supports Anumojis that can be downloaded from Apple Store. In the meantime, Google Duo offers Knock Knock, which enables the recipients of a call to access the video background of their caller before picking up.

Therefore, both applications, Google Duo and FaceTime, present different services, and the best way to be in touch with the latest technology is to use both applications.



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