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Google Chrome: Update 83 Brings along Great Improvements

Google Chrome already stands in front of many other browsers due to its unique features: incognito browsing, instant translation for whole webpages, synchronizing bookmarks across devices, and much more. But the new version 83 of Chrome brings even more exciting stuff for the browser’s users.

Google skipped version 82 and launched the 83rd one for all platforms: Windows 7, 8, and 10, macOS, Linux, Android, ChromeOS, and iOS.

Redesigned UI

The update 83 brings along a redesigned UI for privacy and security settings, as Google wants to make this area more comfortable and efficient for the users. It’s now much easier to find cookies, settings, and clearing browsing data. These are extremely important areas that you should access from time to time. Otherwise, your browser could become flooded with unnecessary data, and it will start running slow.

Tab groups

Tab Groups is a brand new feature that comes for Google Chrome along with update 83, and it will help those who are keeping a lot of tabs open and have trouble arranging them. The feature will allow users to gather the tabs into groups and add a color for each of them as they wish. For doing so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click on an open tab and select Add tab to new group.
  2. Select what name and color you want for your tab group.
  3. When you open another tab, right-click on it, select Add to group, and choose the group you prefer to add the new tab to. The tabs from the group will get the color you chose.

But the good news doesn’t stop yet for update 83 of Google Chrome. There’s also a new puzzle icon present in the top bar, which provides the users more details on what information the browser accesses when it’s loading a webpage.

These are the most important aspects of the new update for Chrome, the world’s most popular browser. Feel free to explore them!



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