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Google Chrome Adds New Features To Dark Mode

I don’t know about you, but I like dark mode in apps. It is much easier on the eye to use dark modes when it comes to surfing the internet. Google is also aware of this and will update dark mode for Chrome.

Google Chrome browser will introduce a new feature that will benefit the users who are surfing the web during night time. This feature will arrive for the Android users at first, but it will roll out on all the other operating systems at some point in the near future.

The Google Chrome dark mode was first to introduce on the mobile platform in 2019. The dark mode is very helpful and easy on the eye at night, so we recommend you try it out. However, as much as Google’s first intention was good and useful, the results of the internet pages were still dazzling white. What is the point of using the Chrome dark mode if it doesn’t affect any website content?

New Google Chrome Dark Mode Feature

To fix this issue, you can go to: //flags and enabling the option ‘Android web contents dark mode.’ However, this option is changing all web pages, which means the results may vary from page to page. Some pages look natural, but others could look unpleasant.

According to 9to5Google, Google will introduce the #enable-android-dark-SRP option. There is a visible change in the Chromium source repository code, and that means a new flag. By enabling this option, the user will be able to enjoy the real dark mode feature. The new feature will show a dark search results page [SRP] if the Chrome.

The new Google Chrome dark mode feature is recommended for the health of the eye, especially when using the device at night. Plus, by using the dark mode, you are also saving up the battery life of your smartphone. Healthy and practical has always been a good combination.



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