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Google Chrome 81 Update Brings Improved Tab Groups Management And More

Recently, an alarmingly high number of users have refused to make use of Google’s services anymore. This resulted after a large number of complaints that were underlining the controversial services that the browser provides, such as inexplicable changes, safety, and security concerns, as well as lack of privacy and data collection. To compensate for the inappropriate changes that it provided, Google is now giving its users a concrete motive to continue using its services. Google Chrome 81, for instance, brings several improvements.

Better Tab Groups Management in Chrome 81

The recent release is bringing more and more users, which is more appreciated than it was 11 years ago when Google was released. The version of the U-turn came as a surprise for the fans, and the latest update is bringing a series of unique features for the Chrome 81 users.

The Tab Groups is the feature that enables users to store and organize their mass tabs that can be displayed at only one click. To have access to this feature, all you need to do is to double-tap on any tab and select the potion “Add to new group.” After that, you can add at any time other associated tabs to the folder that was already created.

Other Improvements in Google Chrome 81

Google is also bringing several customization features to personalize your work. The first thing you can do is to insert a group name by accessing the group heather and editing it. After a new group is created, the users have the option to ungroup the tabs or move them separately to other existing groups.

This feature is essential for saving valuable time since it is no longer necessary to open all the tabs one by one. The needed ones are already arranged in a single window, offering a clear overview of the project. Additionally, the company is bringing numerous third-party extensions that have not been present during the past years. Google Chrome is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and all the features can be enabled manually.



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