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Goku’s Most Badass Moments in Dragon Ball

A lot of people believe that Goku is always soft, kind and forgiving, and even his long-time rival Vegeta believes so. But the truth is that Goku can be very aggressive against an opponent, especially if that adversary is pure evil. And that doesn’t mean that our hero is evil or has a dark side that surfaces from time to time.

Maybe only Goku’s thirst for always becoming stronger could arguably make him a bad character sometimes. This unquenchable desire of the mighty Saiyan led to the establishment of the Tournament Of Power, where the best fighters had to confront each other for saving their own Universe. Now let’s see our top picks for the most badass moments of Goku, whether the hero was forced to act that way or not:

5. Beating up Jiren

Jiren made a huge mistake at the Tournament Of Power by trying to hurt Goku’s friends. This was truly a surprising move from Jiren, as he didn’t show signs of being an evil character until that moment. Goku is known to care a lot about his friends, not to mention his family. While he was pumped up at the mastered state of Ultra Instinct, the Saiyan started a devastating series of blows against Jiren, overpowering his opponent heavily. Goku ended it by firing a Kamehameha wave directly into Jiren’s face, and the battle was practically won.

4. Pounding Zamasu and Goku Black

Goku got stabbed by Goku Black’s energy sword with apparently no way to escape or survive. While Zamasu started to say what awful things he did to Goku from another timeline, Chi Chi, and Goten, that was a huge mistake. Goku got extremely angry, and even with his severe wound, he managed to pump up his Super Saiyan Blue muscles and start pounding Zamasu and Goku Black. While in general, the two villains were pretty much at the same level as Goku, it didn’t mean anything in those moments for our hero. Goku overpowered them both at a time, showing his anger and utmost dominance.

3. Killing Baby

After a fierce fight with Baby in Dragon Ball GT, the villain tried to escape from the planet in his spaceship as he saw that he doesn’t have a chance against Goku. Being transformed into a Super Saiyan 4, the strongest form ever at that point in the Dragon Ball series, Goku fired his iconic Kamehameha wave into Baby’s spaceship. The wave pushed the spacecraft into the Sun, and it all melted along with the terrifying villain.

And yes, for those who don’t know: there actually was a villain called ‘Baby’ in Dragon Ball, and you shouldn’t be deceived by his name. He was outrageously strong and could possess the bodies of other fighters.

2. Killing King Piccolo

Goku was only a kid during most of the first Dragon Ball series, but that didn’t stop him from saving the world and always becoming stronger. Goku looked like he was done during the fight with King Piccolo, having both legs and one arm broken. As the villain was preparing to destroy the heroic kid, Goku had one little trick up his sleeve that was meant to win the battle for him. With just one working limb, an arm, Goku managed to blast an energy wave into the ground as a propulsion technique to lift himself into the air against King Piccolo. Then, Goku used a super punch that made a hole into the villain’s belly. The move was devastating, as King Piccolo was killed instantly by just a boy who looked like he had nothing left to defend himself with. Goku saved the whole world from the wrath and evil dominance of King Piccolo.

1. Turning Super Saiyan for the first time

Goku was fighting Frieza on Namek, and our hero looked completely exhausted. But the mighty intergalactic tyrant made the mistake of his life when he killed Krillin, the best friend of Goku. That triggered the first iconic Super Saiyan transformation for Goku, and the mighty Saiyan started to teach some manners into Frieza. The villain was totally overpowered and humiliated.

You might be surprised to see this pick in the first position, but it’s totally reasonable. Goku managed to transform the first time into a Super Saiyan after his good friend Krillin was killed. Furthermore, the event opened the path for the most iconic technique in the Dragon Ball series. All other transformations that Goku ever had from that point, except for the Ultra Instinct, were linked to the first Super Saiyan form.

That’s all, we would be delighted to see your own personal list of Goku’s most badass moments in Dragon Ball.




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