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God of War 5: Release Date, Plot, Storyline

God of War is an action-adventure video game that is popular among kids and young adults. Santa Monica Studio developed the sport, but Sony Interactive Entertainment released it. Cory Barlog manages the series, and so far, four are out. However, the fans will soon enjoy the fifth season, which will also be able on the PS5 console.

God of War 5 Release Date

Like any new game report, the internet is full of speculations regarding the release date. When is God of War 5 out? Well, Spider-Man already teased. According to speculation, the game is already in the development phase. However, it seems like we have to wait two decades to come out. Therefore, we are looking for 2022 for a possible release date. 

God of War 5 Plot 

The series is based on the Olympian gods, hence the title. God of War 4 ended in a way that makes fans wanting more. According to Kratos, his title was a compassionate Spartan comrade. Mimir’s waring won’t happen for another hundred decades. But the end of the fourth season leaves us on edge. After Kratos and Atreus return back home and take a rest, a vision pops up: Thor will arrive at the defeat at Fimbulwinter’s end. After that ending, we expect God of warfare 5 plot to be published soon.

God Of War 5 Storyline

If you look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor has his part in the movies. He is a loved character, and wee can say that his popularity grew over time. Plus, he will also be part of the God of War franchise. Thor calls out Kratos for murdering his brother and Odin’s son Baldur.

Therefore, Thor could be the antagonist of the upcoming God of War season. Odin might even back him up, who knows. What we do know is that Kratos will face more dangerous situations in God of War 5. 



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