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Global Supply Chains Buckle Under The Pressure Of Hoarding

Any shopper who goes to a popular supermarket these days may have the chance to a disappointing landscape as shelves which should contain basic foods are empty. Toilet paper, canned meats, and vegetables, and cereals seem to vanish as soon as they are placed on the shelves. According to a renowned food economist, the problem is caused by hoarding customers who believe that they should acquire vast reserves as soon as possible.

The impressive spike in demand is beyond the capacity of most retailers, who rely on international shipments to offer many products. No one could have anticipated that the demand will increase exponentially in a few weeks. Retailers are hard at work, trying to convince distributors to bring more products as fast as possible.

The classic relationship between processing plants, transportation services, and retailers is under a significant amount of pressure due to hoarding.

Hoarding affects the global supply chains

Many retailers rely on computerized ordering systems, which can track how many products of a specific type and brand have been sold and ensure that a sufficient amount will be reordered automatically. However, the system cannot follow the accelerated pace at which many essential products are sold.

This complicated the task of ordering and reordering goods since retailers also have to be sure that perishable foods that seem to be quite popular among buyers. While some buyers will be disappointed by the fact that they don’t find their preferred product on the shelf, managers don’t want to bring items that will end up in the dumpster because there weren’t as many buyers as it appeared. It is also worth pointing out that most stores, even large ones, aren’t fitted with robust mass storage systems.

Smaller chains are also prone to running into supply problems as big companies will try to grab the lion’s share in an attempt to keep customers happy. Problems of this type will persist until hoarding stops.



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