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Galaxy Buds Plus Vs AirPods 2 – A Brief Comparison Of Design, Features, And More

The reveal of the new Samsung Galaxy S20 range has been quite successful for Samsung. During the same event, the company has also revealed an improved version of the Galaxy Buds in the form of the Galaxy Buds Plus. Read below for a brief comparison between Galaxy Buds Plus and AirPods 2.

Galaxy Buds Plus Vs AirPods 2 – Design, Features, And More


Both pairs of earbuds offer impressive connectivity among their default ecosystem. Those who own an iPhone will enjoy a near-instant pairing when they open the case, with the same benefit being available in the case of Samsung devices and the Galaxy Buds Plus.

The looks

While the aspect is not displeasing the AirPods 2 sport, the same exciting design choice made the initial model a bit controversial in the eyes of some users, especially if we take a look at the extended stem. Samsung preferred a futuristic look, a feeling that is conveyed successfully by both versions of the Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds Plus sport triangular touchpads which include a popular Spotify button. They also feel more stable within the year, minimizing the fear that you may lose them.

Audio quality

The audio quality offered by the AirPods 2 is satisfying but unremarkable. On the other hand, the Galaxy Buds deliver a fuller experience with the help of dual speakers that generate crystal-clear vocals and impressive bass. Call quality is also good among both models, and it is noticeable that both companies strived to improve the overall audio experience.

Battery life

While the battery life is essential, the listening style of the user will also play an important role. The Galaxy Buds Plus offers an impressive autonomy of 11 hours of active users that can be extended with the help of the charging case. In the case of the Apple AirPods 2, the overall autonomy can reach almost 30 hours, but they will last for 5 hours before a recharge is needed. Both accessories are quite impressive, and a large number of fans will likely acquire them.



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