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Forza Street Was Announced For Android and iOS

Since the quarantine due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, a lot of games are being delayed. However, there is a game that has not been delayed, and fans are super excited about it. The name is Forza! Forza series will arrive very soon in just a few weeks. The upcoming game series is called Forza Street, and it will be available on Android devices as well as on iOS.

The popular game will soon be available on mobile phones, and it has the potential of setting up a new standard on this platform. Forza is available on the PC platform as well. If your PC runs on the Windows 10 OS, then go ahead and try the game out. If you already are a Forza player on the PC platform, then you need to know that you will be able to transfer your data when the mobile versions arrive. The upcoming Forza Street will arrive on the mobile platform on May 5, 2020.

Forza Street Will Come on Android and iOS in May

There will be a few perks if you will try out Forza Street mobile game after its release. Players will get an incentive for giving the game a try; however, for a limited time only. If gamers play this game between May 5 and June, they will access to the 2017 Ford GT and also get in-game currency to spend. The upcoming game is developed by Turn 10 Studios, and they promise a nice range of licensed cars. However, players will need to unlock them in order to enjoy the ride.

The Forza Street game will feature different game modes, such as a one minute race, or players can try out the story that can end out different every time. “Forza Street lets you compete in adrenaline-filled street racing anywhere you go. Keep an eye out for Android and iOS releases on May 5! ?️? #InsideXbox,” posted Xbox on the official Twitter account.



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