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Forza Street 31.1.4 Update On Android Brings A New Cars, Improvements, And More

Many fans of racing video games are familiar with the Forza series, which offers a thrilling experience on the Xbox consoles and PCs. Forza Steet encapsulates the adrenaline-fueled feeling of the series in a new form that suits mobile devices, allowing players to focus on having fun.

Inspired by the popular street racing capture Forza Street offers the ability to race across beautiful vistas while driving some of the best cars in the world. Players can select a racing event, choose a set of cars, and hit the road on the first Forza titles, which was developed with smartphones in mind.

About Forza Street

The smartphones of today come with impressive graphic capabilities, and Forza Street will harness the power of your mobile devices to deliver a spectacle that can rival many of the racing titles that have been released for PCs and consoles in recent years.

A vast collection of cars awaits dedicated drivers who are willing to accept the challenge. Enjoy the force of classic muscle cars, the finesse of modern sports cars, and leave your opponents in the dust with one of the retro supercars. All of the cars can be admired in your garage and feature the attention to details that made the Forza series a hit in the first place.

Experience a cinematic racing experience that was designed to allow players to soak in the details of the game as they race at full throttle. Keep a keen eye on what happens and the time your strokes to accelerate, brake, and boost at key moments to ensure the path towards victory. A cinematic camera will follow your car as you cover the ground, highlighting impressive moments.

Novelties in the latest Forza Street update

Pick from a variety of game modes as you can jump in quick races, or experience rich story events with choices and multiple branching paths. The new update, Forza Street 31.1.4, comes with the 2017 Ford GT, improvements for the Rivals mode, and bug fixes.



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