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Fortnite Is Bringing the Hottest Feature – the Local Split-Screen for PS4 and Xbox One

Everybody, take a look at the latest and marvelous update of Fortnite. The game will have a feature that will offer a local split-screen co-op, which means that two players can use an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 to team up. If you don’t have one of these two consoles, you have to search for a friend who does, because at the moment, the feature is available only on them.

The local split-screen feature in Fortnite is added for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at this moment, but in the future, Epic Games will improve it even more. Open your console and call your friend, because it’s time to see how the mode is working. Two players side by side will play Fortnite on a single console, one TV, and a split-screen.

Fortnite brings local split-screen for PS4 and Xbox One

Also, having a split-screen for multiplayer in a game is not that common, especially if you think that most of the developers of modern shooters are concentrating on developing the best graphics. We don’t see that often an online multiplayer, which focuses on having two people next to each other to play the game. We can say with sadness in our hearts that we have a few exceptions, such as Halo 5, Destiny 2, Gears of War 5, Titanfall, and Star Wars: Battlefront II, Call of Duty, or Battlefield. All of these beautiful games are just for only one player. However, all the experience you get from the game is for multiplayer support and feeling.

Finally, this single-player mode is changing because some of the games mentioned above are changing the strategy. They are adopting the option to play with the second person in front of the same TV. As with the evolution and changing of the hardware on various consoles, everything will change soon enough. Fortnite also implements such modifications.



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