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Fortnite — Best Weapon Update Sites And Where You Can Find Them

Fortnite is brimming with places where you can update your weapon list for a specific amount of items. The game is full of such things where players can utilize their stuff, which includes metal, wood, and brick, in exchange for a more significant range weapon than the one available in their inventory. With vending devices out of Fortnite, this is one of the methods that let you update to generate a new weapon for yourself at any time in the game.

So, imagine finding yourself in one of the final areas, with only a green pump, and a regular AR, all of that because your RNG wasn’t with you, but you discover an updated place to turn your grey AR into a Scar and shoot down enemies around you. Such a thing could change a losing game into a winning one. Here are some ways for such a thing to work out — You can only move near to it, where it will ask you to store a specific amount of items as listed below. The updated device then generates you a bigger tier weapon than the one present in your weapon slot. Remember that you can only upgrade weapons present in your weapon slot. Producing a whole new weapon is not available.

Best Weapon Update Sites And Where You Can Find Them in Fortnite

The full trade you require to realize to upgrade your weapons is:

  • Rare (Blue) – 150 Wood, 150 Metal, and 150 Stone;
  • Uncommon (Green) – 50 Stone, 50 Wood, and 50 Metal;
  • Legendary (Gold) – 350 Metal, 350 Wood, and 350 Stone;
  • Epic (Purple) – 250 Wood, 250 Metal, and 250 Stone.

The extension was introduced in Fortnite alongside Chapter 2, which would mean it is relatively new, causing many players to lose out because of not knowing where to discover one.



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