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Fortnite 12.50 Patch – Features and Other Details

Epic Games have confirmed the upcoming Fortnite update, the version 12.50. The previous update was well received and featured the Travis Scott x Fortnite collaboration, introducing some sleek skins. With the Fortnite 12.50 announced for April 30, some reports are hinting at what we can expect. Epic could launch the update at around 4 or 5 AM EST.

Fortnite 12.50 Features Based on Leaks and Other Reports

A report state that the upcoming Fortnite’s update is dispatched from The Agency. So, we should witness the release of some of the most intriguing challenges, map, and other stuff so far. Epic won’t publish the official Fortnite Patch Notes, but in the season 2 extension blog, devs detailed that it would be new game features and tasks being introduced to the game.

There’s a big chance to get a new weapon. In the previous update, the Fortnite 12.40 update, a charged shotgun and dual-wield pistols were leaked but didn’t make it to the game.

This time could be different and witness a new weapon arrival. Dataminers leaked details about the gun with the Charge Shotgun dealing 102, 95, 85, 77, and 68 damage from regular to legendary, and a multiplier headshot of x1.5. The charge time could also be 1 second, and the gun might come with a clip size of 3. As for the challenges, update 12.50 could add overtime challenges into Fortnite, after 9 weeks of Deadpool. If they’re going to make the cut, we will also get some additional styles for the Battle Pass skins.

What We Should Expect

We’re definitely going to witness the arrival of some brand-new Fortnite skins and other appearance items. The possibility of new challenges and weapons/tools has also increased. The Fortnite 12.50 update might introduce one of the coolest features so far.

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